(Amastha Awaleha) Ayurvedic Medicine for Cold & Cough Allergy
Your Respiratory Rejuvenator!! USP 1. It is effective for people who suffer from allergic conditions. 2. It is prepared with a combination of more than 30 indigenous herbs which is very rare for anti-bronchodilators. 3. Highly beneficial for those who...
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Daiboamrit Liquid
Rs. 125.00 from Rs. 115.00
Daiboamrit Liquid
FOR FREE CONSULTATION CALL @+91 85888 93655 USP 1. A highly effective solution for Diabetes. 2. It helps in keeping your blood sugar levels under control. 3. Stimulates the regeneration of Beta Cells. Indications Diaboamrit is effectively used for the...
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Rheuam Capsules (Combi Pack)
FOR FREE CONSULTATION CALL @+91 85888 93655 Help Keeps the Joint Pain at Bay!!! USP The liniment is made up of 5 analgesic oils, something which you will not find easily in other liniments.  The combi pack has liniment free...
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Phylaxis Tablets
FIGHT YOUR BODY WITH THE VIRUSES AND INFECTIONS !!  USP :  1. With the rise of Viruses and infections in the environment, the body's defense mechanism gradually weakens and Phylaxis Tablets is the answer to it.  2. Phylaxis strengthens the immune system of the body and makes...
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