Amastha Awaleha  Pack of 2 (250gm each)
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Amastha Awaleha Pack of 2 (250gm each)

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Your Respiratory Rejuvenator!!


1. It is effective for people who suffer...

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Your Respiratory Rejuvenator!!


1. It is effective for people who suffer in allergic conditions.

2. It is prepared with a combination of more than 30 indigenous herbs which is very rare for anti-bronchodilators.

3. Highly beneficial for those who have bronchial spasm.

4. It is also beneficial for people who have acute and common cough.

5. It acts very effectively on people suffering from smoker's cough. 


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An effective bronchodilator. Relieves irritation and bronchial spasm. Improves body's defence mechanism. Acts as an effective expectorant.Reduces the intensity of cough and has Mucolytic effect. As prophylactic in bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough with or without broncho spasm, bronchial allergy.



2 table spoon twice a day with lukewarm water, first serving after breakfast and the next serving after dinner. 



Each 10 gm Contains ext of :

Adathoda vasica Vasa 400 mg.
Solanum xanthocarpum Kantkari 400 mg.
Glycyrhiza glabra Yashtimadhu 400 mg.
Dashmool Bh.R. Dashmool 200 mg
Clerodendron serratum Bharango 200 mg
Inlua racemosa Pushkarmool 100 mg
Curuma zedoria Kachur 200 mg
Termenalia belerica Bahera 100 mg
Curcuma longa Haldi 100 mg
Phoenix doctyldefera Khajur 400 mg
Phyllanthus niruri Bhumi 100 mg
Plubago zeylanica Chitrak 100 mg
Onosma bracteatum Gazban 100 mg
Tinospora cordifollia Giloy 100 mg
Cordia dichotoma Lisoda 100 mg
Ocimum sanctum Tulsi 200 mg
Cyperus rotundus Mustak 200 mg
Acacia arabica Babool Chhal 100 mg

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